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Barakonyi hand-made potteryYou can find numerous hand-made clay products on this site such as glazed pottery, cookware, bakeware, tableware, tea-set, mugs, jugs, pitchers, honey jars, butter dishes, serviette holders. Ornamental pieces such as wall plates, vases and street number plates are also available. Take a look around my workshop if you need handicraft products for gifts as well as home decoration or kitchen articles.

How is manufactured pottery made?

KeramikAs a master folk potter I prepare unique hand-made articles.
The clay due to its plasticity can be easily moulded. First it must be thoroughly kneaded to remove air as it could burst the article during firing.
The clay then is moulded by hand for the required shape on the potter’s wheel.
After the first firing each piece is carefully hand dipped into lead-free glaze, which makes the products impermeable and allows them Keramikto be used as kitchen articles.
Each piece is uniquely hand painted and hand signed (Barakonyi Hungary) which stands as a trademark for the excellent quality.
After the required decoration is completed the second firing takes place at different temperatures depending on the shape, size and type Keramikof the pottery.
The ready made pottery is impermeable, fadeless and requires no special care.
All the articles are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.


Tile stoves

Tile stovesBesides the kitchenware and ornaments tiles for stoves are also prepared in my workshop and I’m also engaged in building tile stoves with the help of my colleague. Tile stoves can be built in traditional and folk style depending on the type of the tiles. Take a look at the complete stoves and variations of tiles on the homepage of Barakonyi tile stoves.

Recent fairs


  • Táncház Festival and Fair (folklore festival)
  • Fairs organized by the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists
  • Festival of Folk Arts (Buda Castle)
  • Christmas fair (Bp., Vörösmarty square)
Recent fairs